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Proposal to Apple, Inc 02.02.2020


A heightened participatory experience of sound and space 

The main idea is to encourage people to drop off their old apple devices and partake in an experiential sculptural happening while in an immersive music room.

Invite people to a mad rush to drop-off their old Apple products for recycling over a 24 hour period.

A heightened experience of sound and space through movement and overlapping tracks where the audience can find equanimity and transcendence in an environment made of synchronicities and dissonance.


Over time,
the room will become an experiential sculptural composition made of Apple

People will be instructed to pre-upload a specific song or score on their old device(s) through Apple Music.

They will then be invited to place their device(s) at different sculptural sites, hanging from a charging cord off the ceiling or on the floor and then auto-play in loop the song on speakerphone.

Each device will become a channel,  playing with the notion of temporality and constraints related to synchronization.

The audience will be able to hear different aleatoric compositions made of overlapping tracks from the same score at different acoustic standpoint.

Over time, the room will become a sculptural work of apple devices. It will be constantly fluid, and the music will change its composition continuously. The audience may move around, lay down, or meditate for as long as they wish.

Inspirational visuals  (ref. Rachel Whiteread)

Schematic design proposal will be presented at a later stage.

A social idea, a sonic idea, a visual idea, a cinematic idea, a travel idea, a spiritual idea.

The sound score will be created specifically for this unique experiential and durational event in collaboration with composers who work in the genre bending music space, at the nexus of sound art, electronica, classical, spoken words, soul, pop and other mantra and non-linear compositions.

In addition to the participatory audio experience, an interactive video will be created and fed in real time by the audience.

We will provide a custom software rooted in the concept of aleatory. Generally applied to music, where the primary compositional element relies on the idea of chance and the determination of the performance. In this particular performative event, the source material relies on the audience members.
A simple email will be provided for the audience to send the footage they are recording during the event.
As more source video material is emailed and added throughout the duration of the event in real time, the level of indeterminacy increases and complexities crescendo.

The video and soundscape could be livestreamed in other parts of the Apple store and on Apple music. #shotoniPhone

A complete proposal of talents  will be presented at a later stage.

Tim Cook wants
your Old iPhone

More and more companies are taking ownership of their second hand market which is exploding across multiple industries. The topic of Sustainability has sped up and now is the time to take control of the dialogue with authenticity.

"But in order to have materials to recycle, Cook (and Apple) are hoping more people will trade in their old phones. The company’s developed robots—dubbed Daisy—that can disassemble 200 old iPhones an hour, pulling out materials that can be reused.“

_ Tim cook wants your old iPhone, Daniel VArghese GQ, October 24th, 2019

We all have a pile of old Apple products