Beyond markets: Through freewill contribution-based ventures and 

cultivating prosperity in its purest form

By Frederi⏀ue T. 07.16.2023
Beyond ‘cultivating prosperity in its purest form’ lies a profound shift in perception—a transformative understanding that giving and receiving are intertwined in a non-linear manner.

Setting up a freewill contribution-based model where our services are offered in the spirit of generosity and trust is not about making less money or being ‘non-for-profit’. It is about embracing a mindset of giving and letting go of conditional and transactional relationships. This in turn often ignites generosity in levels that surpass our imagination with unforeseen returns.

Imagine a collective shift in humanity, where fortune abounds. When we individually give abundantly, something shifts in the field. Synchronicities increase, weaving together a tapestry of interconnected events and opportunities that bring us closer to our aspirations. This interconnectedness of giving not only enriches our lives but also allows us to uplift those who are currently experiencing a limited access to liquidity, nurturing a culture rooted in shared abundance and collective support for the creators that we all came to be on Earth.

It is essential to recognize that a scarcity mindset can persist even with millions of dollars in our bank accounts, just as an abundant mindset can be embraced while living with minimal assets. Each of us has different roles to play but there is no reason to dwell in a society of lack and scarcity.

Are we still driven by the pursuit of bargains and cutting corners? Do we accumulate and hoard money, or do we feel a sense of having less when we give? Are we always constrained by the notion of what we can afford? Have we ever given away our most cherished possession? Have we trained ourselves to let go of everything we fear losing? Have we ever given to the unknown? 

Trust and faith are essential in this new paradigm. Dream nobly, and your dreams will become prophets, foretelling a prosperous future. Profits, in their true essence, act as prophets. Can we envision a society where everyone prospers, transcending mere transactions? Can we declare that we are already at our fullest state of value? The level of investment in others often reflects how we value ourselves. Can we serve others instead of solely serving ourselves? Can we boldly state, 'I have a dream,' and move beyond 'I have a need'?

And if we are to give abundantly, we must gracefully handle receiving on a grand scale. Can we expand our psychological infrastructure to receive abundantly? Can we rise to this challenge, and tip the balance? 

I have made this commitment and under our is 100% under the modus operandi of free will contribution. 


‘May I be richer than the richest to better serve you’