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_ A low occupancy experience


The inherent satisfaction of having just enough people

Bed in, Yoko Ono John Lennon at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal 1969

A proposal to offset low occupancy nights with experiential happenings on a very personal scale.
These durational activations are ignited around different concepts aligned with our talents at the nexus of art, fashion, performance, film and sound.

A 24 hour happening, open to the hotel guests and to the general public by rsvp and per time slots.


_ Series 1  



Art performers live stream

Young Emperors, The graduate 2018 at the Hotel Bowery curated by HotelParticulier.art/ Agency.art

Performative occupancy
for 24 hour and live stream on social media (Youtube, Instagram, TikTok)

Untouched documentation of the artist(s) performance

Short cinematic narratives 

Short performances

Tutorials, challenges

Possiblitity of inviting social media followers to the room, meet and greet and be part of the performance.

Intimate happening oriented to a wider online world.

A curatorial proposal of Performance Artists will be submitted at a later stage.

_ Series 2 
Confessional and Participatory

In Vito

We tell secrets from 1am to 4am 

In honor of Vito Acconci’s piece “telling secrets, who in 1971 whispered secrets from 1 to 2 am in a dark deserted shed on the Hudson river.

Series imagined with Performance Artists with a confessional and behavioral practice and possibly involve the audience as a participatory art happening. 

A curatorial proposal of Performance Artists, conceptual poets will be submitted at a later stage.

Sophie Calle, Secrets 2004

_ Series 3
Durational screenings
of slow cinema 


Steeped in contemplation, silence and duration

Ozu, film extracts.

Durational art, experimental film and slow cinema (time-image, long take, non-narrative structure, hyperrealist representation, stillness of composition and visual content.)

The same feature can be projected on multiple walls, tv and ceiling for a full immersive and transcendental experience or shown in multiple rooms at different stages. 

Ozu, Bresson, Andrei Tarkovsky,
Jacques Tati, Michelangelo Antonioni, Ingmar Bergman, Marguerite Duras, Chantal Ackerman, Andy Warhol, Bela Tarr, Gus Van Sant, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Wim Wenders, Cuaron etc...

A detailed curatorial proposal will be submitted at a later stage.